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Monitor Audio iDeck    
Bi-amplified 2-way speaker configuration- two C-CAM® tweeter and bass driver pairs. Each driver is powered by a dedicated Class D amplifier channel. The result is higher fidelity and lower distortion.
APC® (Automatic Position Correction)- built-in microphone and processing. Feeds back and calculates optimum response for free space, wall of corner positioning. Automatic operation on power up.
Digital Active Crossover- no component losses, full integration and perfect phase response.
Bass Level management (BLM)- maintains optimum sound balance at lower listening levels.
Sophisticated power limiters- never any audible distortion.
Rigid, die-cast metal dock arm. Service replaceable.
Pivoting iPod connector- fits all iPod types. No adaptors necessary.
Intelligent charge feature- tops up the source device with power when docked.
High-tech mineral-filled polymer construction- excellent rigidity and acoustic damping.
Non-regular curved panels suppress internal audio reflections to generate the smoothest, widest frequency response.
Internal Power Supply- no unsightly power blocks.
Eco design- ErP approved for Energy related products, directive 2009/125/EEC. Less than 0.5W on standby.
IR remote control.
3.5mm Auxiliary input jack
Monitor Audio Sound Frame 3    
 A compact, 2-way satellite speaker primarily intended as a rear speaker to complement the SF1 and SF2 speakers. Features the patented Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC™) driver module, pivoting C-CAM® 1-inch tweeter module and a 4-inch MMP®II bass/mid driver with RST® cone technology. High-frequency control is included for system tuning. In-wall brackets are pre-attached  

  Price:    $399 each

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